Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Top Ten Christmas Gifts(:

So I had some amazing gifts for Christmas ' but here are my favorite!

1. ANIME CONVENTION (from mom)
Even thou this doesn't come till Feb. it is still the best!

2. Art & Crafts (from mommy)
I love painting and creating things ' and even more with my friends!

3. Manga 's (from Aunt Lori and Chris)
Next 4 books in Naruto from Chris and the 1st books of two new series from Aunt Lori! I can't wait to read!

4. MONEY♥ (from Dad and Diane)
Well? What can I say! M O N E Y

5. C A N D Y (From a couple of people)
Guess who is on a sugar high?

6. New shift (from Mamaw)
Best thing to wear well chilling around the house!

7. Twister (From dad)
What? Now I will never be bored with friends over!

8. 20 Q (From dad)
Best when bored or on car trips!

9.Head Phones ( from Mom)
Nice ' kind!

10.Lotion (From the Munoz)
Best smelling things ever!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Things about me(:

Here are some things I think people should know about me ! 

  • I am in love with Classic Disney movies.
  • I am obsessed with Disney's princesses
  • My Favorite Princess is Ariel 
  • I hate Twilight with a passion
  • I rather wear boots than Jordan's
  • I am a country girl 
  • I don't believe in god.
  • I am scared of the dark. 
  • I am addicted to facebook
  • I actually LOVE school
  • I hate to get bad grades. 
  • I am an ANIME freak.
  • I love video games
  • I am a geek
  • I can't stand for my glasses to get dirty
  • I can't watch scary movies. 
  • I hate how I look
  • I live in a closet 
  • I love Spanish music thou I don't understand it
  • I love Country music
  • I love Classical Rock & Rock
  • I kinda like Rap , but it depends on the artist. 
  • I am picky
  • I have to have  ketchup or BBQ sauce  on most of my food.
  • I hate fish
  • I love kids
  • I love to babysit
  • I miss cheer-leading 
  • My mom is my hero
  •  I have 2 Nephews and a niece on the way
  • I support our troops not the war.
  • I have always wanted to brake an arm 
  • I am loud
  • I am crazy
  • I am annoying 
  • I can't stand fakes
  • I am strong
  • I can't stand crying in front of people
  • I limit who I let in
  • I smile no matter what
  • I actually LOVED being home-schooled
  • I have a fear of reptiles
  • I love animals 
  • I am obsessed with Japan
  • I love NCIS , CIS , Law and Order and ECT.
  • I hate a lot of people secretly
  • I love my little sister

So that is all I can think of (:

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Friday Night . . . at the Hospital .

Johnny with his bandages. 
  So, on Friday (Dec 2nd 2011) Right after Mama-Liz, Clarissa and Alexi came to pick me up, so I could spend the weekend with the Cardonas my adventure started. So, after getting packed up and into the Van, Mommy gets a call, Johnny boy is in the hospital. So we rush to see what was going on, when we get there Johnny and Josh where already there. Johnny covered in blood telling Mama to calm down so we all sat down and waited for like an hour before they got Johnny in to a room. When we got in the small room we waited another hour or so before anything was done.
  So during this wait time me and Alexis, decided with my money we would go get food and we did. We had some. really good hot wigs and fries. We relaxed in the cafeteria in till we decided to walk back, and when we did we just sat in the waiting room waiting and talking. During this time they had done an x-ray on Johnny's cuts to see if anything had cut his bones. Then we waited, and waited , and the glass did nothing.
Mines and Joshes Chicken & Fries.
  By this time Kati, had come, Papi had come to, So me , Kati, Josh, and Lexi had gotten money so we went back to the cafeteria. Me and Josh had a whole chicken, fries and drinks♥ After we ate and walked back, and  we went ahead and saw Johnny who was just bleeding. Then Josh left to go home really quick with Papi, Well I chilled with Mami and Johnny. Then Mami cleaned Johnny up because he was bleeding badly. Not long after that some guy came in and stitched Johnny up, and we FINALLY left. Ah ' So many jokes and sad times in a couple of hours.

This day taught me:
 1. The "Emergency" Room, is a joke.
 2. Hospital food is freaky good. 
 3. Even men wear purses (don't ask)
 4. Vending machines are jokes. 
 5. Johnny is one strong boy!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Elizabeth Cardona(:

Me and Lizzy Last year!

Elizabeth Also know as Lizzy, is my best friend, Little sister, & partner in crime. She means the world to me. This little girl is crazy , out going & plain amazing. She always knows how to have a good time. She can get annoying sometime for sure but she makes me laughs and is always here for me no matter what. She is like 7 years old yet she asks so much older, but still that little girl at the same time.
She is also the biggest BRAT in the whole world. . . For real , she is. She get mad super fast , and well is annoying at times but she makes listens and be good when she is in a good (:

 She is my best friend, little sister & partner in crime till the end of time!!


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Our troops.

Well we all sit comfortable in our homes watching T.V or on the computer, as we have men and women over seas fighting for us and our freedom. Those men and women fighting for us and our freedom are the only thing keeping this country standing strong. 
  They risk their lives for us everyday, they watch their friends day before their eyes. These people go months and years with out seeing there family. Some are scared they will never see their family or friends again, never meet their child. They live in consent fear of never seeing day light again. All of this for us.
   I think our soldiers need a little more appreciation, they need to acknowledged a little more. I know I am very thankful and grateful to our troops. I think they need to be sent home! We don't need to lose anymore soldiers. We need these people to be sent back home to there families safe.

 In honor of :

Daniel and his wife Erynn before he left.
 My cousin-in-law Daniel Camacho who just recently came home from the war in Iraq. He came home safe, and to his new son who he meet for the first time and his loving life Erynn(my cousin). I am so proud of him and happy he is home with my cousin Erynn and their cute little boy Zhane.

Daniel and his son Zhane.

Also in Honor of:

My Uncle Thom and my Aunt Dayana. 
My Uncle Thom, fought in the first war in Iraq, The Desert Storm. I might not have even been alive back then but I am so proud of my uncle for being apart of the army and fight for our freedom. Now he is happily married with two children I love my uncle and so happy he was able to make it home safe.

I wanna Thank all of our soldier who are and have ever fought for our freedom. It is because of you our nation is possible. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Update. . .

I am just so busy I haven't written in here in like forever. I have been at school 7 days a week for like 6 hours, then after then homework. Then I am trying to watch some anime, read some manga's. Also read the book I have to read for school. Plus fit
studying or cleaning. I am a busy busy busy and this week I am starting a Japanese class and Journalism class on top of it all. Plus every other weekend I am at dads, plus try to fit in a social life. The days I have off , or nothing to do are so boring . . . I wonder why?
Passport shirt(glasses)

School is good. I have friends and the teachers are alright but the lunches make my wanna puke and the uniforms aren't comfy. The school isn't something I am use to or wanna get use to. They give so much homework. Ugh . . . I like most of the people in the school. But like every school some kids are annoying. I have to take P.E ): and it sucks it is so HOT outside! 

Passport shirt(no glasses)
With everything go on, I am gonna be taking Japanese because I want to learn in more than the world. Also I will be taking HIGH SCHOOL Journalism class. This class if just for the fun of it. I thought it would be cool too take and extra course and since middle school doesn't have any good extra class I thought i'd pick an somewhat easy high school class. . . Lets see how this goes.

Well, I am hoping off this. I still got spelling word to write. 
Me and Serenity at the movies.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Story!

Hey, Hey , Hey everyone! You guys should check out my new blog at http://kasisbook.blogspot.com/
This blog is for the story I am writing you guys will watch it grow and get better and better PLEASE leave comments and tell me what ya think! Well I gotta go bye bye!

 DONT FORGET http://kasisbook.blogspot.com/  !!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Good (:

 Good(: That is how I am doing. Home, has been good. It is nice being with everyone again!  I realized some people I wish I never saw again , some people are just annoying(: 

 Passport? Hmm, it is an okay school. But only being 2 stories , and like 1 class for K-8th. It is a little small to what I am use too. The lunches aren't good, all cold no hot! Uggh. . . But I made new friends like my girlfriend (no homo) Raquel and then there is Hector , we were all new so we are CLOSE! Then we have Virginia, Amanda, Karina, Angel, Chad, Oh you can't forget my new friend Lisarys and many more(: Having my cousin there is kinda cool but also annoying! I mean there family come on! Lets see how my 8th grade year goes!! 

 Well i am out(:

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Home, Passport and Friend!

About 2 weeks ago I got back too Florida.. So far I have a B L A S T. The first week I slept over the Cardona's, got shots and so done and kicked backed and relaxed before school started. Then last weekend I wen't too my dad's wear me sat back and watched movies laughed all weekend. Then we got around 2pm Sunday afternoon. Then the next morning there was school

Monday morning we got up at 6:30 and gotta dressed in our uniforms and headed off to Passport! To be honest I was so scared I wouldn't fit in or everyone would hate me. But when I got there I made friends, like Chad, Amanda, Angel, and Virginia. Passports uniforms and rules are stupid and BORING but , the people in the school aren't bad. And because of them I meet Logan and other people! I have some good teachers and bad ones. The school is pretty good , when you pas all the boring rules and no fun uniforms!

Then LAST night was the bomb <3 Me and Nati wen't too the rink and there we meet up with some of my friends from passport and some of her friends from LMS. It was so much fun , and with the drama. We were all laughing, dancing and skating. It was just fun. The most fun I have had with any friends in a LONG time! The people I wen't with made me so happy last night , it was like my problems all faded away<33 I love the people I wen't with the were plain amazing!

Orlando MIGHT not be bad !

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Top ten things i'm gonna miss about Texas

Top ten things i'm gonna miss about Texas

1. The people. 
 Well of course , I'ma miss the people in Texas the most. My nephews, Sisters, and bro n law. I'ma miss them all the most. But i'll see then soon, one day. Not sure when but one day. I'ma miss my nephews so much♥ they are the cutest little things ever. I am also gonna miss, making these people lose the game♥

2.Animals . . 
Where in Florida do you hundreds of birds, a horse, and cows oh and a llama! When do get too see all these things? No where. I love watching the birds or cows. I love feeding the llama and petting the horse♥

3. The open space (:
I love liking out side and only seeing open land. I love how , you could probably through a part with LOUD music and no one know. No nosy or loud people next door. No people annoying you cause there cars are blocking your drive way. I love the quiet unless I am loud.

4.The pool ♥
I love being out just too walk out too the back and going swimming. If I go too FL. I don't have a pool. I like going swimming, and if I wan't too I have to go somewhere else too do it):

5.The food ♥
If anyone has ate Crystals food you know what i mean♥ Her food is amazing. . I'ma miss it SO SO SO SO much/: Her pumpkin bread was amazing, there is stuff she made i'd never eat anywhere else.  

6,The fun stuff , 
I'ma miss all the fun stuff. Like going the river, swimming and even just looking at Davids's and Levi smile. Playing WOW with Crystal and Mike and laughing at what someone said in guild greet. All the simple fun stuff we do every day is what i'ma miss most.

7. MY nephews hugs and smiles and kisses.
This is something i'ma miss a lot. Like waking up to David's smile. Or hearing Levi's little giggle or David's demon voice. The simple stuff David does every day that always makes me laugh. Or being able too feed Levi♥ ): i'ma miss these things. . (NO DIAPER MISSING INVOLVED)

8. The weight loss. 
I am dropping weight because of all the work I am doing and I love that. Love love love it. . . But what in Fl is there today , yeah walk around too loss weight but what else , nothing unless you have the money too go too the gym  witch i don't /: So here is where I loss the most weight

9. The drives. . 
Believe it or not, i'ma miss the long drives. I love looking out the window, in too the pastures. With corn or hay or cows or horses. Stuff you don't see when you live in the city. I love how you can hold a whole conversation on the way too the store , because the conversation ends before you even get there.   

10. Just plain Texas. 
I'ma miss just Texas in general. I'ma miss the cowboy hats and boots , the southern accent. The fresh air, animals and much more. . I'ma miss everything. .  

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Stopping the war . . .

Life has been difficult for me in the last few months, and I was sick of the war going on with everything. So today , I made a promise too myself I will stop this war, so I can have peace with in me. So I don't have too worry about the bad and only worry about the good. I wan't too stop worrying about what is gonna happen next and start living in the moment. I know this is gonna take awhile for me too achieve and I am gonna a struggle a little too make it happen. But i decide this is what I wan't and this is what I am gonna get. I am gonna come out of this stronger then anyone thought I could be.

My first way too peace , is taking care of the whole facebook , family - friends problems. I love my friends and family. But my friends can be pretty stupid and post stupid stuff on my status and wall where family can read. Then the times where family and friends would comment on my status and argue , I no likely this at all. So I decide , to make my problems there go bye bye. I made a face book JUST for family. This ways I have one for friends and one for family. but my parents are on both too monitor what I post (not like i'ma post something bad). This lifted a HUGE weight off my shoulder and now I feel a little more at peace. 

There is so much more I must do before I feel at peace and have nothing too really worry about but it is gonna take A LONG time, i'ma do it little by little. Like tackling the new school and getting good grades, then tackling home problems such as sister rival with my little sister. Then little stuff here and there like taking this person away from my life cause there a bad influence or maybe bringing someone I miss back in.    

Soon , I hope my troubles will be mainly be lifted from my shoulders and I can enjoying life well I can. With all that has happened, this is the best way to move on and truly be happy♥  

Saturday, August 6, 2011

St. Augustine , Florida

This would have too be one of my favorites trips ever, not just because I am love learning about history. But because two of my best friends Micheal and Gloria. This trip would be have too be my favorite trip of all time!

I still remember it like it was yesterday. We had all missed school that day and loaded up a little after 1. Me, mom, mamaw, Kati, Gloria , and Micheal all loaded up in Mommies truck and off we where.   

I was so happy, I was gonna visit all these places and learn about history. Me gloria, and Kati even go skirts that matched the same♥ We visited a whole bunch of places, like the Fountain of youth, and the old jail. The old jail would have too have been our favorite place, then would have too be Castillo De San Marcos, then the old school house. 
We also wen't too the Alligator Farm... I thought it was pretty cool!

We kids , had an amazing time and I would go back there any day. Just because it is an amazing place with a lot of history. We had so much fun , we actually stayed longer then planned. I loved there and so did everyone else. This is somewhere so close to home I would too be there every weekend.  
The girls (:
Micheal and Kati
Gloria and Kati
Micheal and Kati
Micheal,Me,Gloria, Thinking we are "cool"

I just had too post this cause I was bored , and because I was looking at the pictures (:

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bye bye Texas , Hello Orlando♥

It is about time for me too start packing up, 8 days in till I board the plane and I am off to FL. I love it in Texas, everything thing about it. But sometimes you gotta pack up leave your fun, and go home. I was talking to someone the other day , and I realized that little week I have before school start I have to do some MUCH/:

Well I know for a fact I have too get shots, and I probably gonna go get my teeth cleaned before school starts. I also have too get shoes , and uniform shirts, and a skirt. I also need too make sure I have a back bag and school supplies ready. Plus getting unpacked and stuff organized again. Hang out with a couple of friends and family. .

But then the weekend before school starts I go too dad's in Tampa. Where I will relax, swim and watch movies all weekend. . . Nice and relaxing! Then that Monday , I am off the school  . . . Passport Charter school. A new school new me . . 

Well if anyone from FL. wanna hang out with my I get back at midnight on the 12th so you can come by anytime that weekend when I will be free other then unpacking. I will have too you see what days I was doing what if anyone wan't too hang out with me that week. Then I am gone the weekend before school starts, and won't be back till some afternoon and once I come home it I will be dinner time , I will eat then relax all night till bed time sleep then wake up for school Monday ♥ 

If anyone need me you know where too reach me at. . 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Top Then Things You Should Know About Me (:

Well I since this is my first Top Ten , I thought i would do it about what you should know about me (:

1. Ain't no city girl . . . I might have been raised in O-Town Florida but that doesn't make me a city girl. I am a country girl by heart, always have been and always will be. I love being out in the country , with the fresh air. Even if it is a little work , it is all worth it. I don't like living in the city , where everything is rushed and no one slow's down too enjoy life. I rather wear my boots , then Jordan's any day ♥

2.. Anime FREAK♥ . . . This is a huge part of my life , my anime obsession. When I home this is how I spend most of my days, watching anime(: If not watching I am reading a manga. I have probably watched well over 100 anime shows and I haven't found one I didn't like yet. Anime , is just a part of who I am, I love watching and reading it ♥ One day I will do my room in ALL anime (: One day I will go too an Anime Convection(:

3. DON'T LIKE SCARY MOVIES :O . . .  This is a BIG part of me since most people I hang out with love scary movies, but let me tell you it is VERY rare for anyone too find me watching a scary movie. I get scared WAY too easily and have nightmares. So i refuse too watch them. I have watched a few like, Paranormal Activity 1 and 2 and a couple others. But was still so scared I was shaking, So DON'T ever ask me too watch a scary movie.

4.Not a fish person . . . I know I have probably ate fish before but I am NOT the fish person. I won't and don't eat fish plain and simple. I won't eat fish because I won't, ain't no one gonna change that. The ONLY way ill eat fish if I is in like Pasta or something and I can't tell it is there . For example : Crystal made something with egg noodles , some thing on top and a can of tuna /: I ate it cause you couldn't taste the tuna.

5.Family come first . . . No matter how stupid and crazy my family is they always come first. My family can annoying , loud and act dumb but you gotta love them. They make you laugh when you wanna cry and always make thing alright. You wanna throw punches with my family and I am there . . I don't care witch one start the fight. . . I will make sure too finish it♥

6. CHEER LEADING ♥ This was once and still is a big part of my life. I might not be cheering any more. But I still love watching cheer leaders and one day, I will cheer again. I love cheering and I love being apart of a team. I love the cheer and outfits and such.

7.Speak my MIND (: I don't care who you are? If I got something too say too you best bet ill say it. I am not scared , too tell others what I think. Why should I be. . So if you gonna talk about me behind my back and I find out and best bet, Imma confront you.

8.5 friends NOT 500 . . . I rather have 5 REAL friends other then 500 fake friends. So , Kasi doesn't have alot of friends and I like it that way. If your gonna a good real friend, then your my friend. But I don't make friends with liars, cheats and FAKES. The few friends I have I love them too death, and they are ALL I need besides family♥

9.L O U D ♥ Truth be told , I am LOUD .  .  . And it is something everyone gotta get use too. I speak a little too loud than probably should I try too lower it down . . But the Marinaro jeans won't let me<3 I am naturally loud and can't stop it. For the most part i lower it down as low as I can go but it is hard (:

9. Respect me ill respect you. . . This something I am big on. If you don't respect me BEST believe I am NOT gonna respect you. Imma treat you the same way you treat me. That is just how I am. How am gonna respect someone , who disrespects me? I can't and won't , so if you wan't respect from me, respect me. Plain and simple

Well those are the Top Ten things I think yall should know about me . . Well I have worked on this long enough, I gotta go and write in my Anime blog now♥

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MY room MY stuff /:

I left FL. about a month ago . . . Before I left FL. Me and my mother clean my room topped to bottom not a speck of dirt left. My bed washed and clean, everything wiped down & dust, book's and movies organized, desk organized and my closet was clean and organized(for once lol) We worked hard. I thought when i came back from TX. I would find my room the same way and be proud too come home to a nice clean room too sleep in (i get to FL at like 12 am) and not worry about cleaning , just unpacking , sleeping and seeing people. 

 But too my surprise my sister has been staying in my room ... Witch i wouldn't really mind BUT my sister has a bad habit , of disrespecting my stuff and not caring about something that is not her's also leaving a mess. I wouldn't mind as much if she asked when she wan'ted too use it the first time or before I left saying something like "would you mind if I used your room well your gone?" I probably would said yes and told her I wan'ted it clean when i get back, and gave some stuff to my mom so my sister didn't mess the the stuff I left there hoping NO one would mess with it.

But of course, she uses without permission . . . /: and now it is already a mess i bet . . Things under the bed , closet gone through, also all my notebooks, notes && paper read to hopefully find out who Kasi likes or what has Kasi done that we can tell mom or something. Not like there gonna find nada i stopped writing things like that out when she wen't through it the first time. . . And if i did write it , it is with me (: 

All I am trying too say here , it that even thou i am out of state I would like my privacy in my own room, even if i am not there or in to. It is ALL of my stuff in it. I would like it clean for when i get back.  

Saturday, June 11, 2011

My role models (:

I want too give a HUGE thanks too two AMAZING people in my life. The two I have and will always look up too. The two who pushed for me too do better, the two who where there from day ONE. The two i love with all my heart. . . Crystal and Erynn ♥ These two have always been there for me and made sure I was doing my best and that is what I love about them(:

Crystal, My older sister. She has been there and supported me since day one. She is the best big sister in the WHOLE world. I mean she is ALWAYS making sure I do my best and I am happy and that is what I love about her. She is all grown up with kids now. . . I remember when we use too do yoga every morning, before we went too school. (: I love being out there on her farm with her, my nephews and her husband. It is so much fun. (: BUT anyways I wanna thank her for being the BEST big sister ever and always being there for me(:

Next is Erynn, My WONDERFUL cousin. She is just plain amazing there was about a two years there me and here were ALWAYS together and I miss that. We use too do everything together (: I loved her always going too my cheer practices and games, and how we would have sleep overs all the time. . . I still remember this ONE time where she made me believe that her house had a ghost and it possessed her and made my cry . . .   It was SO not funny!!!! Anyways, Even she is all grown up with a kid now(: But I wanna thank her for just being an amazing cousin.

These two girls , made a difference in my life and I have NO clue what I would too with out them I love them to death♥♥♥

Friday, May 27, 2011

A weekend in Tampa. . .

Friday, Mat 27th 2011, I spend my first weekend out in my daddy's and lucky me with not just Kati but BriBri♥ So I am stuck in a car for two hours, with Kati and BriBri laughing and making me crack up and daddy on the phone. What a nightmare I swear. Kati has dieahrea so the whole time she was complaning about it.

 As soon as we got home, MORE madness. Kati and bri . . . Cracking jokes as we are webcaming with daddy's friend. BriBri, this girl I swear for the WHOLE car ride and i bet for the rest of the week as been I mean, HILARIOUS. Cracking jokes on everyone and just making everyone smiling. Kati has been complaning, about her being sick . . . REALLY innoying I will say!!!!!!

But anyways, my adorable little nephew David was bit by a copperhead snake today. But my little man is being strong. Right now he is in the ICU. I hope my baby gets better soon. I can't wait in a couple of week I will be holding in him in my arms. I can't wait. Also too meet his adorable little brother. . . Well i guess I am alittle off topic. But anyways I should goo . . I will tell you how the rest of my wonderful weekend wen't monday or tuesday.

Friday, May 20, 2011

My TRUE friends . . .

 Well for the longest I have been thinking who are my true friends. Who is there no matter what and today i realised i was looking at the wrong people this whole time. I was looking at the people who were saying they where my true friends. But when I look back they weren't there but I saw who truely was. The people i know the longest, the people i love more than this world. . .

 I only 4 true friends, I will always love and be there for. . . . Gladys, Gloria, Brookie and Micheal♥ They have been there the longest they know everything about me and yet, I was too blind too see and realise they where truely the ones who picked me up when I fell. When i though it was someones else.

Lets see Micheal and Gloria (: Have been there from the beggining. Gloria, well no matter what people told her she stood bye my side. No matter how bad we fought, she was there too back me up like I was for her. I think of her not as a friends but as a little sister. I think of her as my blood and would do anything for her. Micheal? Well like Gloria he is like my brother. Like a big brother I look up too even thou he doesn't see it he will one day. He is my big brother, and he can always count on me.

Gladys, that chick is the craziest friend I might have. She has seen in my worst moment, my good moments. She seen me cry, and laugh. She is someone, I wan't too know for life just too see where she goes with it, she is so smart. I am jelouse. Even thou she has work too do she always makes time too help me with my school.(:

Last but NOT least Brookie, Brookie Cookie, She is just amazing. She started out my sister's best friend, but yet the years changed this now she is both of our best friend. No matter what she always has a smile on her face and that is what i would have too love about her.

Those four people are my True Best friends . . . My family (:

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Whats going on NOW :

 Me, out of all people! Me going too Texas, in a month, and i got Hands, foot and Mouth Disease. How wonderful ): The disease it self is gonna last a week or two, then a week too make sure it is gone. That gives me a week too do what i wan't before i leave): HOW WONDERFUL!!

I mean the itching and burn all over my hands and feet PLUS a headache, soar throat and a fever): I mean I am just trying my hardest too get up and do what i need too do because this isn't gonna slow me down the least i have a lot too go over and a lot too get down this week and next week. So i can at least goo too Daddy's on weekend before I leave so I can go swimming and check out his new house(:

I have a feeling this thing, is gonna make me very sick ): I am i feel like crap right now and this is only the begging            
I don't know what too do, i have school work too finish, organize stuff for Texas and enjoy Orlando, before i leave ):

I mean, I have Science and Geography witch i am almost done in. Lang. arts is gonna be easy too finish. BUT math, ): I can't get it done with everything else that needs too be done Being sick on top. Also stressed out. 
PLUS i am taking Spanish.

Getting ready for Texas ): I haven't even begun that and  N O W i have too pack for an 8-9 month Trip in 1 MONTH. I still have no CLUE what clothes i have what i need too bring. PLUS school stuff. Personal stuff and just getting me mentally ready too go. Cause I mean over half a year away from ORLANDO. I mean i hate this place but it is crazy. Being sick, doesn't help my mind in anywhere but here right now. 

I should be enjoying my LAST MONTH in Orlando aye? But no i am sick!!! I mean it would have been hard too enjoy it with out being sick cause all i still have too do. BUT NOW I HAVE TOO SPEND IT IN MY HOUSE BORED and working )" 
 Well i gotta goo. . . Gotta start working on my stuff for Texas (: 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Up coming weeks ♥

Well, my last month in Orlando, i will have NO free time too spend with my wonderful friends! 

 If you don't know or haven't heard i will be leaving to Texas June 18th or 19th and I wish it was like last year, when all I did was hang out with friends but this year I cant! First during the weekdays, i have too finish off school, mostly M A T H ): And everyone else will be at school and after school day are over i am too lazy from doing School work too go hang out with friends): Also the week of the 30th i will be at my Aunts and Uncles too hang out with them and my cute little cousins. SO my weeks are full.
 Then weekends are somethings else, First most likely every other weekend I will be in Tampa where my father will be living. Then other weekends i will be going through my clothes, seeing witch ones i will need too take what i need. Then shopping too buy what i need. THEN I will need weekends to just sleep cause of all the stress. So that is like BUSY BEE kasi. 

I can't wait till i go out too Texas, where i can relax for and hour, then i will be back to work?
Okay maybe, the weekdays need too go SLOWER and weekends go faster! Yes , i like that idea. Most of my energy goes into the weekends so those need to go by FASTER AND Weekdays slower so i get school done faster!

 Well BYE BYE i need sleep.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Texas , Texas . . . T E X A S ♥

  I was born and raised in the city , yet i hate it (: That is why i LOVED being out in Texas last summer with my older sister, her husband and my Nephew David it was so much fun. 
   Well i was out there i shot a gun♥ I also took care of A LOT of birds!! Also some pigs and my favorite a LAMA (: We also wen't too the Guadalupe River, that was amazing too float down the river all day SO MUCH FUN(: Also , taking care of my nephew was amazing. My favorite part about being out in Texas would have too be being out in the middle of nowhere. I mean it is just amazing. No noisy  neighbor's it is amazing. (:

 I am going back out in a couple of weeks, but in steed of staying about a month i am staying for a couple of months, thanks too homeschooling♥ It is gonna be so much funner because my sister just had my second nephew Levi(: Now it is gonna be twice the fun! I can't wait. 
 I have never been so exited, with every thing that has been going on lately,  It is good too have something too look forward (: 
 T E X A S Here i come (:♥☺

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Anime ♥

Well, i am a true animefreak. I am always watching anime, and if i am not i am reading manga ♥
 I started off with the original anime , Dragon Ball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon♥ I still love them all to death. Even thou, the newer versions of Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon are kiddish there still good. Yu-Gi-Oh has always been amazing and will always stay amazing.
 Naruto and Naruto Shippuden would have to my favorite anime's of all time. I remember started Naruto couple of years ago , i thought it was so stupid. But my best friend and my brother watched and since then I have sucked in too it. Expecially Naruto Shippuden, it could not be any better, it is just plain amazing in so many ways. I have seen every episode of it in Japanesse, they are still coming out with new episodes every week, and i   never miss one.
 One Piece ♥ I just start this anime this weekend and i am currently on episode 66 (: It is amazing so far. I love it, i wish i was a pirate now Hehe...
 I have also seen Full Metal Alchemist ♥ What an amazing show. The ending was sad, but yet so amazing in so many ways. . .
  Bleach? Is an ok season. . . The start was really good, but it is dragging on too long . . I can't watch more than an episode or two a week cause it is just so boring.
   Avatar the last air bender, was just amazing. . . And i am HOPING they make another season, i hate how they just left us hanging. . . ):

 I think out of all the manga's i read Hunter X Hunter was the best. , I still have too finish it thou, i am only on book 10, So far it is really a great book. Really grabs you in from begging too end.

I am thinking about doing my room anime , after i come back from Texas next year (: Not sure yet (:
 ByeBye ♥

Me: Kassandra Marinaro(:

Well, this is my first blog i decide too try it because everybody else seems too be doing it(:
 Well, I think i should start by saying my name is Kassandra Marinaro and well I live in Florida (SADLY). I live with my Grandmother and mother. My parents recently decide too get divorced so my dad moved out. I also live with my little sister Kati, she is a pain but you gotta love her(: I have two older siblings, First there is Crystal who is married to my brother in law Mike. They live out in Texas (: Also she has two kids, my two adorable nephews David and Levi♥ Then there is also my older brother Chris, who lives in North Caroline, (i think?) with his mother.
  Some of my close friends, the Cardona's pretty much live with us ♥ They have some weird people in there family mainly BriBri(: Yet I am closet to Alexis , Selena and Lizzy Cardona. (Me and bri are close , but i don't like saying it in public)
 I am a true animefreak , but i will get into that on another blog , another day(:
Well, that seem like it for this blog♥