Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MY room MY stuff /:

I left FL. about a month ago . . . Before I left FL. Me and my mother clean my room topped to bottom not a speck of dirt left. My bed washed and clean, everything wiped down & dust, book's and movies organized, desk organized and my closet was clean and organized(for once lol) We worked hard. I thought when i came back from TX. I would find my room the same way and be proud too come home to a nice clean room too sleep in (i get to FL at like 12 am) and not worry about cleaning , just unpacking , sleeping and seeing people. 

 But too my surprise my sister has been staying in my room ... Witch i wouldn't really mind BUT my sister has a bad habit , of disrespecting my stuff and not caring about something that is not her's also leaving a mess. I wouldn't mind as much if she asked when she wan'ted too use it the first time or before I left saying something like "would you mind if I used your room well your gone?" I probably would said yes and told her I wan'ted it clean when i get back, and gave some stuff to my mom so my sister didn't mess the the stuff I left there hoping NO one would mess with it.

But of course, she uses without permission . . . /: and now it is already a mess i bet . . Things under the bed , closet gone through, also all my notebooks, notes && paper read to hopefully find out who Kasi likes or what has Kasi done that we can tell mom or something. Not like there gonna find nada i stopped writing things like that out when she wen't through it the first time. . . And if i did write it , it is with me (: 

All I am trying too say here , it that even thou i am out of state I would like my privacy in my own room, even if i am not there or in to. It is ALL of my stuff in it. I would like it clean for when i get back.  

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