Friday, May 27, 2011

A weekend in Tampa. . .

Friday, Mat 27th 2011, I spend my first weekend out in my daddy's and lucky me with not just Kati but BriBri♥ So I am stuck in a car for two hours, with Kati and BriBri laughing and making me crack up and daddy on the phone. What a nightmare I swear. Kati has dieahrea so the whole time she was complaning about it.

 As soon as we got home, MORE madness. Kati and bri . . . Cracking jokes as we are webcaming with daddy's friend. BriBri, this girl I swear for the WHOLE car ride and i bet for the rest of the week as been I mean, HILARIOUS. Cracking jokes on everyone and just making everyone smiling. Kati has been complaning, about her being sick . . . REALLY innoying I will say!!!!!!

But anyways, my adorable little nephew David was bit by a copperhead snake today. But my little man is being strong. Right now he is in the ICU. I hope my baby gets better soon. I can't wait in a couple of week I will be holding in him in my arms. I can't wait. Also too meet his adorable little brother. . . Well i guess I am alittle off topic. But anyways I should goo . . I will tell you how the rest of my wonderful weekend wen't monday or tuesday.

Friday, May 20, 2011

My TRUE friends . . .

 Well for the longest I have been thinking who are my true friends. Who is there no matter what and today i realised i was looking at the wrong people this whole time. I was looking at the people who were saying they where my true friends. But when I look back they weren't there but I saw who truely was. The people i know the longest, the people i love more than this world. . .

 I only 4 true friends, I will always love and be there for. . . . Gladys, Gloria, Brookie and Micheal♥ They have been there the longest they know everything about me and yet, I was too blind too see and realise they where truely the ones who picked me up when I fell. When i though it was someones else.

Lets see Micheal and Gloria (: Have been there from the beggining. Gloria, well no matter what people told her she stood bye my side. No matter how bad we fought, she was there too back me up like I was for her. I think of her not as a friends but as a little sister. I think of her as my blood and would do anything for her. Micheal? Well like Gloria he is like my brother. Like a big brother I look up too even thou he doesn't see it he will one day. He is my big brother, and he can always count on me.

Gladys, that chick is the craziest friend I might have. She has seen in my worst moment, my good moments. She seen me cry, and laugh. She is someone, I wan't too know for life just too see where she goes with it, she is so smart. I am jelouse. Even thou she has work too do she always makes time too help me with my school.(:

Last but NOT least Brookie, Brookie Cookie, She is just amazing. She started out my sister's best friend, but yet the years changed this now she is both of our best friend. No matter what she always has a smile on her face and that is what i would have too love about her.

Those four people are my True Best friends . . . My family (:

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Whats going on NOW :

 Me, out of all people! Me going too Texas, in a month, and i got Hands, foot and Mouth Disease. How wonderful ): The disease it self is gonna last a week or two, then a week too make sure it is gone. That gives me a week too do what i wan't before i leave): HOW WONDERFUL!!

I mean the itching and burn all over my hands and feet PLUS a headache, soar throat and a fever): I mean I am just trying my hardest too get up and do what i need too do because this isn't gonna slow me down the least i have a lot too go over and a lot too get down this week and next week. So i can at least goo too Daddy's on weekend before I leave so I can go swimming and check out his new house(:

I have a feeling this thing, is gonna make me very sick ): I am i feel like crap right now and this is only the begging            
I don't know what too do, i have school work too finish, organize stuff for Texas and enjoy Orlando, before i leave ):

I mean, I have Science and Geography witch i am almost done in. Lang. arts is gonna be easy too finish. BUT math, ): I can't get it done with everything else that needs too be done Being sick on top. Also stressed out. 
PLUS i am taking Spanish.

Getting ready for Texas ): I haven't even begun that and  N O W i have too pack for an 8-9 month Trip in 1 MONTH. I still have no CLUE what clothes i have what i need too bring. PLUS school stuff. Personal stuff and just getting me mentally ready too go. Cause I mean over half a year away from ORLANDO. I mean i hate this place but it is crazy. Being sick, doesn't help my mind in anywhere but here right now. 

I should be enjoying my LAST MONTH in Orlando aye? But no i am sick!!! I mean it would have been hard too enjoy it with out being sick cause all i still have too do. BUT NOW I HAVE TOO SPEND IT IN MY HOUSE BORED and working )" 
 Well i gotta goo. . . Gotta start working on my stuff for Texas (: 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Up coming weeks ♥

Well, my last month in Orlando, i will have NO free time too spend with my wonderful friends! 

 If you don't know or haven't heard i will be leaving to Texas June 18th or 19th and I wish it was like last year, when all I did was hang out with friends but this year I cant! First during the weekdays, i have too finish off school, mostly M A T H ): And everyone else will be at school and after school day are over i am too lazy from doing School work too go hang out with friends): Also the week of the 30th i will be at my Aunts and Uncles too hang out with them and my cute little cousins. SO my weeks are full.
 Then weekends are somethings else, First most likely every other weekend I will be in Tampa where my father will be living. Then other weekends i will be going through my clothes, seeing witch ones i will need too take what i need. Then shopping too buy what i need. THEN I will need weekends to just sleep cause of all the stress. So that is like BUSY BEE kasi. 

I can't wait till i go out too Texas, where i can relax for and hour, then i will be back to work?
Okay maybe, the weekdays need too go SLOWER and weekends go faster! Yes , i like that idea. Most of my energy goes into the weekends so those need to go by FASTER AND Weekdays slower so i get school done faster!

 Well BYE BYE i need sleep.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Texas , Texas . . . T E X A S ♥

  I was born and raised in the city , yet i hate it (: That is why i LOVED being out in Texas last summer with my older sister, her husband and my Nephew David it was so much fun. 
   Well i was out there i shot a gun♥ I also took care of A LOT of birds!! Also some pigs and my favorite a LAMA (: We also wen't too the Guadalupe River, that was amazing too float down the river all day SO MUCH FUN(: Also , taking care of my nephew was amazing. My favorite part about being out in Texas would have too be being out in the middle of nowhere. I mean it is just amazing. No noisy  neighbor's it is amazing. (:

 I am going back out in a couple of weeks, but in steed of staying about a month i am staying for a couple of months, thanks too homeschooling♥ It is gonna be so much funner because my sister just had my second nephew Levi(: Now it is gonna be twice the fun! I can't wait. 
 I have never been so exited, with every thing that has been going on lately,  It is good too have something too look forward (: 
 T E X A S Here i come (:♥☺

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Anime ♥

Well, i am a true animefreak. I am always watching anime, and if i am not i am reading manga ♥
 I started off with the original anime , Dragon Ball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon♥ I still love them all to death. Even thou, the newer versions of Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon are kiddish there still good. Yu-Gi-Oh has always been amazing and will always stay amazing.
 Naruto and Naruto Shippuden would have to my favorite anime's of all time. I remember started Naruto couple of years ago , i thought it was so stupid. But my best friend and my brother watched and since then I have sucked in too it. Expecially Naruto Shippuden, it could not be any better, it is just plain amazing in so many ways. I have seen every episode of it in Japanesse, they are still coming out with new episodes every week, and i   never miss one.
 One Piece ♥ I just start this anime this weekend and i am currently on episode 66 (: It is amazing so far. I love it, i wish i was a pirate now Hehe...
 I have also seen Full Metal Alchemist ♥ What an amazing show. The ending was sad, but yet so amazing in so many ways. . .
  Bleach? Is an ok season. . . The start was really good, but it is dragging on too long . . I can't watch more than an episode or two a week cause it is just so boring.
   Avatar the last air bender, was just amazing. . . And i am HOPING they make another season, i hate how they just left us hanging. . . ):

 I think out of all the manga's i read Hunter X Hunter was the best. , I still have too finish it thou, i am only on book 10, So far it is really a great book. Really grabs you in from begging too end.

I am thinking about doing my room anime , after i come back from Texas next year (: Not sure yet (:
 ByeBye ♥

Me: Kassandra Marinaro(:

Well, this is my first blog i decide too try it because everybody else seems too be doing it(:
 Well, I think i should start by saying my name is Kassandra Marinaro and well I live in Florida (SADLY). I live with my Grandmother and mother. My parents recently decide too get divorced so my dad moved out. I also live with my little sister Kati, she is a pain but you gotta love her(: I have two older siblings, First there is Crystal who is married to my brother in law Mike. They live out in Texas (: Also she has two kids, my two adorable nephews David and Levi♥ Then there is also my older brother Chris, who lives in North Caroline, (i think?) with his mother.
  Some of my close friends, the Cardona's pretty much live with us ♥ They have some weird people in there family mainly BriBri(: Yet I am closet to Alexis , Selena and Lizzy Cardona. (Me and bri are close , but i don't like saying it in public)
 I am a true animefreak , but i will get into that on another blog , another day(:
Well, that seem like it for this blog♥