Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Update. . .

I am just so busy I haven't written in here in like forever. I have been at school 7 days a week for like 6 hours, then after then homework. Then I am trying to watch some anime, read some manga's. Also read the book I have to read for school. Plus fit
studying or cleaning. I am a busy busy busy and this week I am starting a Japanese class and Journalism class on top of it all. Plus every other weekend I am at dads, plus try to fit in a social life. The days I have off , or nothing to do are so boring . . . I wonder why?
Passport shirt(glasses)

School is good. I have friends and the teachers are alright but the lunches make my wanna puke and the uniforms aren't comfy. The school isn't something I am use to or wanna get use to. They give so much homework. Ugh . . . I like most of the people in the school. But like every school some kids are annoying. I have to take P.E ): and it sucks it is so HOT outside! 

Passport shirt(no glasses)
With everything go on, I am gonna be taking Japanese because I want to learn in more than the world. Also I will be taking HIGH SCHOOL Journalism class. This class if just for the fun of it. I thought it would be cool too take and extra course and since middle school doesn't have any good extra class I thought i'd pick an somewhat easy high school class. . . Lets see how this goes.

Well, I am hoping off this. I still got spelling word to write. 
Me and Serenity at the movies.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Story!

Hey, Hey , Hey everyone! You guys should check out my new blog at http://kasisbook.blogspot.com/
This blog is for the story I am writing you guys will watch it grow and get better and better PLEASE leave comments and tell me what ya think! Well I gotta go bye bye!

 DONT FORGET http://kasisbook.blogspot.com/  !!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Good (:

 Good(: That is how I am doing. Home, has been good. It is nice being with everyone again!  I realized some people I wish I never saw again , some people are just annoying(: 

 Passport? Hmm, it is an okay school. But only being 2 stories , and like 1 class for K-8th. It is a little small to what I am use too. The lunches aren't good, all cold no hot! Uggh. . . But I made new friends like my girlfriend (no homo) Raquel and then there is Hector , we were all new so we are CLOSE! Then we have Virginia, Amanda, Karina, Angel, Chad, Oh you can't forget my new friend Lisarys and many more(: Having my cousin there is kinda cool but also annoying! I mean there family come on! Lets see how my 8th grade year goes!! 

 Well i am out(: