Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Top Then Things You Should Know About Me (:

Well I since this is my first Top Ten , I thought i would do it about what you should know about me (:

1. Ain't no city girl . . . I might have been raised in O-Town Florida but that doesn't make me a city girl. I am a country girl by heart, always have been and always will be. I love being out in the country , with the fresh air. Even if it is a little work , it is all worth it. I don't like living in the city , where everything is rushed and no one slow's down too enjoy life. I rather wear my boots , then Jordan's any day ♥

2.. Anime FREAK♥ . . . This is a huge part of my life , my anime obsession. When I home this is how I spend most of my days, watching anime(: If not watching I am reading a manga. I have probably watched well over 100 anime shows and I haven't found one I didn't like yet. Anime , is just a part of who I am, I love watching and reading it ♥ One day I will do my room in ALL anime (: One day I will go too an Anime Convection(:

3. DON'T LIKE SCARY MOVIES :O . . .  This is a BIG part of me since most people I hang out with love scary movies, but let me tell you it is VERY rare for anyone too find me watching a scary movie. I get scared WAY too easily and have nightmares. So i refuse too watch them. I have watched a few like, Paranormal Activity 1 and 2 and a couple others. But was still so scared I was shaking, So DON'T ever ask me too watch a scary movie.

4.Not a fish person . . . I know I have probably ate fish before but I am NOT the fish person. I won't and don't eat fish plain and simple. I won't eat fish because I won't, ain't no one gonna change that. The ONLY way ill eat fish if I is in like Pasta or something and I can't tell it is there . For example : Crystal made something with egg noodles , some thing on top and a can of tuna /: I ate it cause you couldn't taste the tuna.

5.Family come first . . . No matter how stupid and crazy my family is they always come first. My family can annoying , loud and act dumb but you gotta love them. They make you laugh when you wanna cry and always make thing alright. You wanna throw punches with my family and I am there . . I don't care witch one start the fight. . . I will make sure too finish it♥

6. CHEER LEADING ♥ This was once and still is a big part of my life. I might not be cheering any more. But I still love watching cheer leaders and one day, I will cheer again. I love cheering and I love being apart of a team. I love the cheer and outfits and such.

7.Speak my MIND (: I don't care who you are? If I got something too say too you best bet ill say it. I am not scared , too tell others what I think. Why should I be. . So if you gonna talk about me behind my back and I find out and best bet, Imma confront you.

8.5 friends NOT 500 . . . I rather have 5 REAL friends other then 500 fake friends. So , Kasi doesn't have alot of friends and I like it that way. If your gonna a good real friend, then your my friend. But I don't make friends with liars, cheats and FAKES. The few friends I have I love them too death, and they are ALL I need besides family♥

9.L O U D ♥ Truth be told , I am LOUD .  .  . And it is something everyone gotta get use too. I speak a little too loud than probably should I try too lower it down . . But the Marinaro jeans won't let me<3 I am naturally loud and can't stop it. For the most part i lower it down as low as I can go but it is hard (:

9. Respect me ill respect you. . . This something I am big on. If you don't respect me BEST believe I am NOT gonna respect you. Imma treat you the same way you treat me. That is just how I am. How am gonna respect someone , who disrespects me? I can't and won't , so if you wan't respect from me, respect me. Plain and simple

Well those are the Top Ten things I think yall should know about me . . Well I have worked on this long enough, I gotta go and write in my Anime blog now♥

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  1. You sound like my best friend ...and she ROCKS! She is who she is and isnt afraid to speak up...me well I am a little more timid. :0) Love me anyway right! cause thats me!

    found you from TOP TEN:0)
    here's mine - http://starleeta.wordpress.com/2011/07/29/friday-facts-11/