Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Top Ten Christmas Gifts(:

So I had some amazing gifts for Christmas ' but here are my favorite!

1. ANIME CONVENTION (from mom)
Even thou this doesn't come till Feb. it is still the best!

2. Art & Crafts (from mommy)
I love painting and creating things ' and even more with my friends!

3. Manga 's (from Aunt Lori and Chris)
Next 4 books in Naruto from Chris and the 1st books of two new series from Aunt Lori! I can't wait to read!

4. MONEY♥ (from Dad and Diane)
Well? What can I say! M O N E Y

5. C A N D Y (From a couple of people)
Guess who is on a sugar high?

6. New shift (from Mamaw)
Best thing to wear well chilling around the house!

7. Twister (From dad)
What? Now I will never be bored with friends over!

8. 20 Q (From dad)
Best when bored or on car trips!

9.Head Phones ( from Mom)
Nice ' kind!

10.Lotion (From the Munoz)
Best smelling things ever!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Things about me(:

Here are some things I think people should know about me ! 

  • I am in love with Classic Disney movies.
  • I am obsessed with Disney's princesses
  • My Favorite Princess is Ariel 
  • I hate Twilight with a passion
  • I rather wear boots than Jordan's
  • I am a country girl 
  • I don't believe in god.
  • I am scared of the dark. 
  • I am addicted to facebook
  • I actually LOVE school
  • I hate to get bad grades. 
  • I am an ANIME freak.
  • I love video games
  • I am a geek
  • I can't stand for my glasses to get dirty
  • I can't watch scary movies. 
  • I hate how I look
  • I live in a closet 
  • I love Spanish music thou I don't understand it
  • I love Country music
  • I love Classical Rock & Rock
  • I kinda like Rap , but it depends on the artist. 
  • I am picky
  • I have to have  ketchup or BBQ sauce  on most of my food.
  • I hate fish
  • I love kids
  • I love to babysit
  • I miss cheer-leading 
  • My mom is my hero
  •  I have 2 Nephews and a niece on the way
  • I support our troops not the war.
  • I have always wanted to brake an arm 
  • I am loud
  • I am crazy
  • I am annoying 
  • I can't stand fakes
  • I am strong
  • I can't stand crying in front of people
  • I limit who I let in
  • I smile no matter what
  • I actually LOVED being home-schooled
  • I have a fear of reptiles
  • I love animals 
  • I am obsessed with Japan
  • I love NCIS , CIS , Law and Order and ECT.
  • I hate a lot of people secretly
  • I love my little sister

So that is all I can think of (:

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Friday Night . . . at the Hospital .

Johnny with his bandages. 
  So, on Friday (Dec 2nd 2011) Right after Mama-Liz, Clarissa and Alexi came to pick me up, so I could spend the weekend with the Cardonas my adventure started. So, after getting packed up and into the Van, Mommy gets a call, Johnny boy is in the hospital. So we rush to see what was going on, when we get there Johnny and Josh where already there. Johnny covered in blood telling Mama to calm down so we all sat down and waited for like an hour before they got Johnny in to a room. When we got in the small room we waited another hour or so before anything was done.
  So during this wait time me and Alexis, decided with my money we would go get food and we did. We had some. really good hot wigs and fries. We relaxed in the cafeteria in till we decided to walk back, and when we did we just sat in the waiting room waiting and talking. During this time they had done an x-ray on Johnny's cuts to see if anything had cut his bones. Then we waited, and waited , and the glass did nothing.
Mines and Joshes Chicken & Fries.
  By this time Kati, had come, Papi had come to, So me , Kati, Josh, and Lexi had gotten money so we went back to the cafeteria. Me and Josh had a whole chicken, fries and drinks♥ After we ate and walked back, and  we went ahead and saw Johnny who was just bleeding. Then Josh left to go home really quick with Papi, Well I chilled with Mami and Johnny. Then Mami cleaned Johnny up because he was bleeding badly. Not long after that some guy came in and stitched Johnny up, and we FINALLY left. Ah ' So many jokes and sad times in a couple of hours.

This day taught me:
 1. The "Emergency" Room, is a joke.
 2. Hospital food is freaky good. 
 3. Even men wear purses (don't ask)
 4. Vending machines are jokes. 
 5. Johnny is one strong boy!!