Thursday, September 8, 2011

Good (:

 Good(: That is how I am doing. Home, has been good. It is nice being with everyone again!  I realized some people I wish I never saw again , some people are just annoying(: 

 Passport? Hmm, it is an okay school. But only being 2 stories , and like 1 class for K-8th. It is a little small to what I am use too. The lunches aren't good, all cold no hot! Uggh. . . But I made new friends like my girlfriend (no homo) Raquel and then there is Hector , we were all new so we are CLOSE! Then we have Virginia, Amanda, Karina, Angel, Chad, Oh you can't forget my new friend Lisarys and many more(: Having my cousin there is kinda cool but also annoying! I mean there family come on! Lets see how my 8th grade year goes!! 

 Well i am out(:

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