Saturday, October 1, 2011

Our troops.

Well we all sit comfortable in our homes watching T.V or on the computer, as we have men and women over seas fighting for us and our freedom. Those men and women fighting for us and our freedom are the only thing keeping this country standing strong. 
  They risk their lives for us everyday, they watch their friends day before their eyes. These people go months and years with out seeing there family. Some are scared they will never see their family or friends again, never meet their child. They live in consent fear of never seeing day light again. All of this for us.
   I think our soldiers need a little more appreciation, they need to acknowledged a little more. I know I am very thankful and grateful to our troops. I think they need to be sent home! We don't need to lose anymore soldiers. We need these people to be sent back home to there families safe.

 In honor of :

Daniel and his wife Erynn before he left.
 My cousin-in-law Daniel Camacho who just recently came home from the war in Iraq. He came home safe, and to his new son who he meet for the first time and his loving life Erynn(my cousin). I am so proud of him and happy he is home with my cousin Erynn and their cute little boy Zhane.

Daniel and his son Zhane.

Also in Honor of:

My Uncle Thom and my Aunt Dayana. 
My Uncle Thom, fought in the first war in Iraq, The Desert Storm. I might not have even been alive back then but I am so proud of my uncle for being apart of the army and fight for our freedom. Now he is happily married with two children I love my uncle and so happy he was able to make it home safe.

I wanna Thank all of our soldier who are and have ever fought for our freedom. It is because of you our nation is possible. 

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