Monday, December 17, 2012

My view..

     Growing up I was surronded around religion. I was baptisted, I use too go to church pratically every Sunday. I even did a bible summer camp at my church with my cousins. I use too read bible stories, I have even read some of the bible. What bothers me is because I put my views on religon out to everyone too see because I don't wether or not people like what I believe in or not. But what does bother me is house people say I am ignorant when it comes to religon, that I don't know what I am talking about. I hate when I post my views and people tell me to go to church. Because what some people need to realize is just because my views on religon are different than yours doesn't mean I am ignorant on religon.
     Thats actually one reason I dislike religon because people think "if you dont believe what I believe, then your wrong" which is stupid. Cause not all people look at religon the same. Some people look at religon and believe in it, some people look at it and don't believe in it. It just depends on the person and the way they were raised around religon.
     I am someone who believe 100% in religon growing up. I was always happy to go to church and read the stories. I thought they were the most amazing things in the world. I thought they were the truth. But then people(not saying names) changed my view. After years of people bashing religon, after seeing people twist religon in to what they want. It made me come to my own conclusion on what religon really is.. I beleive religon is just something people create, yes to give people hope and positive out look on things, yes religon is amazing for some people and can help them. But then people have also created religon to use agaisnt one and another, it is away for these people to gain power in the world. I think the stories are made up, to give people something to talk about. I find the bible a joke because if the bible was "gods word" they wouldn't have revised it and made the new testament, if "gods word" is finally you would HAVE to go by the original words not the revised ones.  I am  not saying I don't believe in a "god" but I am not saying I don't. I beleive there is something or someone, out there that is bigger than the human race. But also don't beleive it is just one person or being I beleive there is no way one person has enough power to make this. I also don't beleive Jesus was the son of god.
     But you know, this is what I believe not everyone else. Everyone has there own out look, there own view point on religion or what they believe in. This is just my view point. I am the kind of person who knows what I believe in and I love too hear what others believe in. But I don't like when people are pushy with there religon. So ya.. this was just my rant.

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