Saturday, December 10, 2011

Things about me(:

Here are some things I think people should know about me ! 

  • I am in love with Classic Disney movies.
  • I am obsessed with Disney's princesses
  • My Favorite Princess is Ariel 
  • I hate Twilight with a passion
  • I rather wear boots than Jordan's
  • I am a country girl 
  • I don't believe in god.
  • I am scared of the dark. 
  • I am addicted to facebook
  • I actually LOVE school
  • I hate to get bad grades. 
  • I am an ANIME freak.
  • I love video games
  • I am a geek
  • I can't stand for my glasses to get dirty
  • I can't watch scary movies. 
  • I hate how I look
  • I live in a closet 
  • I love Spanish music thou I don't understand it
  • I love Country music
  • I love Classical Rock & Rock
  • I kinda like Rap , but it depends on the artist. 
  • I am picky
  • I have to have  ketchup or BBQ sauce  on most of my food.
  • I hate fish
  • I love kids
  • I love to babysit
  • I miss cheer-leading 
  • My mom is my hero
  •  I have 2 Nephews and a niece on the way
  • I support our troops not the war.
  • I have always wanted to brake an arm 
  • I am loud
  • I am crazy
  • I am annoying 
  • I can't stand fakes
  • I am strong
  • I can't stand crying in front of people
  • I limit who I let in
  • I smile no matter what
  • I actually LOVED being home-schooled
  • I have a fear of reptiles
  • I love animals 
  • I am obsessed with Japan
  • I love NCIS , CIS , Law and Order and ECT.
  • I hate a lot of people secretly
  • I love my little sister

So that is all I can think of (:

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