Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Top Ten Christmas Gifts(:

So I had some amazing gifts for Christmas ' but here are my favorite!

1. ANIME CONVENTION (from mom)
Even thou this doesn't come till Feb. it is still the best!

2. Art & Crafts (from mommy)
I love painting and creating things ' and even more with my friends!

3. Manga 's (from Aunt Lori and Chris)
Next 4 books in Naruto from Chris and the 1st books of two new series from Aunt Lori! I can't wait to read!

4. MONEY♥ (from Dad and Diane)
Well? What can I say! M O N E Y

5. C A N D Y (From a couple of people)
Guess who is on a sugar high?

6. New shift (from Mamaw)
Best thing to wear well chilling around the house!

7. Twister (From dad)
What? Now I will never be bored with friends over!

8. 20 Q (From dad)
Best when bored or on car trips!

9.Head Phones ( from Mom)
Nice ' kind!

10.Lotion (From the Munoz)
Best smelling things ever!

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