Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Whats going on NOW :

 Me, out of all people! Me going too Texas, in a month, and i got Hands, foot and Mouth Disease. How wonderful ): The disease it self is gonna last a week or two, then a week too make sure it is gone. That gives me a week too do what i wan't before i leave): HOW WONDERFUL!!

I mean the itching and burn all over my hands and feet PLUS a headache, soar throat and a fever): I mean I am just trying my hardest too get up and do what i need too do because this isn't gonna slow me down the least i have a lot too go over and a lot too get down this week and next week. So i can at least goo too Daddy's on weekend before I leave so I can go swimming and check out his new house(:

I have a feeling this thing, is gonna make me very sick ): I am i feel like crap right now and this is only the begging            
I don't know what too do, i have school work too finish, organize stuff for Texas and enjoy Orlando, before i leave ):

I mean, I have Science and Geography witch i am almost done in. Lang. arts is gonna be easy too finish. BUT math, ): I can't get it done with everything else that needs too be done Being sick on top. Also stressed out. 
PLUS i am taking Spanish.

Getting ready for Texas ): I haven't even begun that and  N O W i have too pack for an 8-9 month Trip in 1 MONTH. I still have no CLUE what clothes i have what i need too bring. PLUS school stuff. Personal stuff and just getting me mentally ready too go. Cause I mean over half a year away from ORLANDO. I mean i hate this place but it is crazy. Being sick, doesn't help my mind in anywhere but here right now. 

I should be enjoying my LAST MONTH in Orlando aye? But no i am sick!!! I mean it would have been hard too enjoy it with out being sick cause all i still have too do. BUT NOW I HAVE TOO SPEND IT IN MY HOUSE BORED and working )" 
 Well i gotta goo. . . Gotta start working on my stuff for Texas (: 

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  1. How are you feeling? It's okay, I know it seems like you have a lot going on, but you just have to take it one day at a time. Get as much done each day as you can, but if you dont get something done, you can always do it the next day. You still have 24 days before Mike leaves Texas to get you, so just take your time and dont forget to BREATHE.