Friday, May 20, 2011

My TRUE friends . . .

 Well for the longest I have been thinking who are my true friends. Who is there no matter what and today i realised i was looking at the wrong people this whole time. I was looking at the people who were saying they where my true friends. But when I look back they weren't there but I saw who truely was. The people i know the longest, the people i love more than this world. . .

 I only 4 true friends, I will always love and be there for. . . . Gladys, Gloria, Brookie and Micheal♥ They have been there the longest they know everything about me and yet, I was too blind too see and realise they where truely the ones who picked me up when I fell. When i though it was someones else.

Lets see Micheal and Gloria (: Have been there from the beggining. Gloria, well no matter what people told her she stood bye my side. No matter how bad we fought, she was there too back me up like I was for her. I think of her not as a friends but as a little sister. I think of her as my blood and would do anything for her. Micheal? Well like Gloria he is like my brother. Like a big brother I look up too even thou he doesn't see it he will one day. He is my big brother, and he can always count on me.

Gladys, that chick is the craziest friend I might have. She has seen in my worst moment, my good moments. She seen me cry, and laugh. She is someone, I wan't too know for life just too see where she goes with it, she is so smart. I am jelouse. Even thou she has work too do she always makes time too help me with my school.(:

Last but NOT least Brookie, Brookie Cookie, She is just amazing. She started out my sister's best friend, but yet the years changed this now she is both of our best friend. No matter what she always has a smile on her face and that is what i would have too love about her.

Those four people are my True Best friends . . . My family (:

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