Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Me: Kassandra Marinaro(:

Well, this is my first blog i decide too try it because everybody else seems too be doing it(:
 Well, I think i should start by saying my name is Kassandra Marinaro and well I live in Florida (SADLY). I live with my Grandmother and mother. My parents recently decide too get divorced so my dad moved out. I also live with my little sister Kati, she is a pain but you gotta love her(: I have two older siblings, First there is Crystal who is married to my brother in law Mike. They live out in Texas (: Also she has two kids, my two adorable nephews David and Levi♥ Then there is also my older brother Chris, who lives in North Caroline, (i think?) with his mother.
  Some of my close friends, the Cardona's pretty much live with us ♥ They have some weird people in there family mainly BriBri(: Yet I am closet to Alexis , Selena and Lizzy Cardona. (Me and bri are close , but i don't like saying it in public)
 I am a true animefreak , but i will get into that on another blog , another day(:
Well, that seem like it for this blog♥

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  1. Yay, you made a blog! Haha, now I'm following you! :) Remember, you can blog about ANYTHING you want. It's your own personal space on the net to write anything you feel like. And from your blogger home page, you can even make multiple blogs if you want to write about different things and want them to be in different places. Pretty cool,huh? Love ya sis! <3