Friday, May 27, 2011

A weekend in Tampa. . .

Friday, Mat 27th 2011, I spend my first weekend out in my daddy's and lucky me with not just Kati but BriBri♥ So I am stuck in a car for two hours, with Kati and BriBri laughing and making me crack up and daddy on the phone. What a nightmare I swear. Kati has dieahrea so the whole time she was complaning about it.

 As soon as we got home, MORE madness. Kati and bri . . . Cracking jokes as we are webcaming with daddy's friend. BriBri, this girl I swear for the WHOLE car ride and i bet for the rest of the week as been I mean, HILARIOUS. Cracking jokes on everyone and just making everyone smiling. Kati has been complaning, about her being sick . . . REALLY innoying I will say!!!!!!

But anyways, my adorable little nephew David was bit by a copperhead snake today. But my little man is being strong. Right now he is in the ICU. I hope my baby gets better soon. I can't wait in a couple of week I will be holding in him in my arms. I can't wait. Also too meet his adorable little brother. . . Well i guess I am alittle off topic. But anyways I should goo . . I will tell you how the rest of my wonderful weekend wen't monday or tuesday.

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