Sunday, May 15, 2011

Up coming weeks ♥

Well, my last month in Orlando, i will have NO free time too spend with my wonderful friends! 

 If you don't know or haven't heard i will be leaving to Texas June 18th or 19th and I wish it was like last year, when all I did was hang out with friends but this year I cant! First during the weekdays, i have too finish off school, mostly M A T H ): And everyone else will be at school and after school day are over i am too lazy from doing School work too go hang out with friends): Also the week of the 30th i will be at my Aunts and Uncles too hang out with them and my cute little cousins. SO my weeks are full.
 Then weekends are somethings else, First most likely every other weekend I will be in Tampa where my father will be living. Then other weekends i will be going through my clothes, seeing witch ones i will need too take what i need. Then shopping too buy what i need. THEN I will need weekends to just sleep cause of all the stress. So that is like BUSY BEE kasi. 

I can't wait till i go out too Texas, where i can relax for and hour, then i will be back to work?
Okay maybe, the weekdays need too go SLOWER and weekends go faster! Yes , i like that idea. Most of my energy goes into the weekends so those need to go by FASTER AND Weekdays slower so i get school done faster!

 Well BYE BYE i need sleep.

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