Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bye bye Texas , Hello Orlando♥

It is about time for me too start packing up, 8 days in till I board the plane and I am off to FL. I love it in Texas, everything thing about it. But sometimes you gotta pack up leave your fun, and go home. I was talking to someone the other day , and I realized that little week I have before school start I have to do some MUCH/:

Well I know for a fact I have too get shots, and I probably gonna go get my teeth cleaned before school starts. I also have too get shoes , and uniform shirts, and a skirt. I also need too make sure I have a back bag and school supplies ready. Plus getting unpacked and stuff organized again. Hang out with a couple of friends and family. .

But then the weekend before school starts I go too dad's in Tampa. Where I will relax, swim and watch movies all weekend. . . Nice and relaxing! Then that Monday , I am off the school  . . . Passport Charter school. A new school new me . . 

Well if anyone from FL. wanna hang out with my I get back at midnight on the 12th so you can come by anytime that weekend when I will be free other then unpacking. I will have too you see what days I was doing what if anyone wan't too hang out with me that week. Then I am gone the weekend before school starts, and won't be back till some afternoon and once I come home it I will be dinner time , I will eat then relax all night till bed time sleep then wake up for school Monday ♥ 

If anyone need me you know where too reach me at. . 

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