Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Top ten things i'm gonna miss about Texas

Top ten things i'm gonna miss about Texas

1. The people. 
 Well of course , I'ma miss the people in Texas the most. My nephews, Sisters, and bro n law. I'ma miss them all the most. But i'll see then soon, one day. Not sure when but one day. I'ma miss my nephews so much♥ they are the cutest little things ever. I am also gonna miss, making these people lose the game♥

2.Animals . . 
Where in Florida do you hundreds of birds, a horse, and cows oh and a llama! When do get too see all these things? No where. I love watching the birds or cows. I love feeding the llama and petting the horse♥

3. The open space (:
I love liking out side and only seeing open land. I love how , you could probably through a part with LOUD music and no one know. No nosy or loud people next door. No people annoying you cause there cars are blocking your drive way. I love the quiet unless I am loud.

4.The pool ♥
I love being out just too walk out too the back and going swimming. If I go too FL. I don't have a pool. I like going swimming, and if I wan't too I have to go somewhere else too do it):

5.The food ♥
If anyone has ate Crystals food you know what i mean♥ Her food is amazing. . I'ma miss it SO SO SO SO much/: Her pumpkin bread was amazing, there is stuff she made i'd never eat anywhere else.  

6,The fun stuff , 
I'ma miss all the fun stuff. Like going the river, swimming and even just looking at Davids's and Levi smile. Playing WOW with Crystal and Mike and laughing at what someone said in guild greet. All the simple fun stuff we do every day is what i'ma miss most.

7. MY nephews hugs and smiles and kisses.
This is something i'ma miss a lot. Like waking up to David's smile. Or hearing Levi's little giggle or David's demon voice. The simple stuff David does every day that always makes me laugh. Or being able too feed Levi♥ ): i'ma miss these things. . (NO DIAPER MISSING INVOLVED)

8. The weight loss. 
I am dropping weight because of all the work I am doing and I love that. Love love love it. . . But what in Fl is there today , yeah walk around too loss weight but what else , nothing unless you have the money too go too the gym  witch i don't /: So here is where I loss the most weight

9. The drives. . 
Believe it or not, i'ma miss the long drives. I love looking out the window, in too the pastures. With corn or hay or cows or horses. Stuff you don't see when you live in the city. I love how you can hold a whole conversation on the way too the store , because the conversation ends before you even get there.   

10. Just plain Texas. 
I'ma miss just Texas in general. I'ma miss the cowboy hats and boots , the southern accent. The fresh air, animals and much more. . I'ma miss everything. .  

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  1. We miss you SO much Kasi! Except that I lost the game when I read the first paragraph =P

    I'm glad you liked my food. Its a shame you had to go so soon, last week I was brave and made QUAIL. And they were delicious! I'll make them again next time you are able to come out, whenever that may be.

    Can't wait to see you again =/ The boys miss you too! I love you! xoxoxoxo