Sunday, August 7, 2011

Stopping the war . . .

Life has been difficult for me in the last few months, and I was sick of the war going on with everything. So today , I made a promise too myself I will stop this war, so I can have peace with in me. So I don't have too worry about the bad and only worry about the good. I wan't too stop worrying about what is gonna happen next and start living in the moment. I know this is gonna take awhile for me too achieve and I am gonna a struggle a little too make it happen. But i decide this is what I wan't and this is what I am gonna get. I am gonna come out of this stronger then anyone thought I could be.

My first way too peace , is taking care of the whole facebook , family - friends problems. I love my friends and family. But my friends can be pretty stupid and post stupid stuff on my status and wall where family can read. Then the times where family and friends would comment on my status and argue , I no likely this at all. So I decide , to make my problems there go bye bye. I made a face book JUST for family. This ways I have one for friends and one for family. but my parents are on both too monitor what I post (not like i'ma post something bad). This lifted a HUGE weight off my shoulder and now I feel a little more at peace. 

There is so much more I must do before I feel at peace and have nothing too really worry about but it is gonna take A LONG time, i'ma do it little by little. Like tackling the new school and getting good grades, then tackling home problems such as sister rival with my little sister. Then little stuff here and there like taking this person away from my life cause there a bad influence or maybe bringing someone I miss back in.    

Soon , I hope my troubles will be mainly be lifted from my shoulders and I can enjoying life well I can. With all that has happened, this is the best way to move on and truly be happy♥  

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