Saturday, August 6, 2011

St. Augustine , Florida

This would have too be one of my favorites trips ever, not just because I am love learning about history. But because two of my best friends Micheal and Gloria. This trip would be have too be my favorite trip of all time!

I still remember it like it was yesterday. We had all missed school that day and loaded up a little after 1. Me, mom, mamaw, Kati, Gloria , and Micheal all loaded up in Mommies truck and off we where.   

I was so happy, I was gonna visit all these places and learn about history. Me gloria, and Kati even go skirts that matched the same♥ We visited a whole bunch of places, like the Fountain of youth, and the old jail. The old jail would have too have been our favorite place, then would have too be Castillo De San Marcos, then the old school house. 
We also wen't too the Alligator Farm... I thought it was pretty cool!

We kids , had an amazing time and I would go back there any day. Just because it is an amazing place with a lot of history. We had so much fun , we actually stayed longer then planned. I loved there and so did everyone else. This is somewhere so close to home I would too be there every weekend.  
The girls (:
Micheal and Kati
Gloria and Kati
Micheal and Kati
Micheal,Me,Gloria, Thinking we are "cool"

I just had too post this cause I was bored , and because I was looking at the pictures (:

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